The Money Machine December 2018

December is over, I was going to update you on the evolution of the money machine in 2018.

The Money Machine 2018


Happy New Year everyone. Hope you are just as excited to start a new year as I am. There is a lot of exciting and fun that we will fill 2019 with! But in today’s post, I thought about looking back at how our money machine has performed in 2018.

First and foremost, we can look at how things were during December. It is a rather bleak outlook with a decline of 5.66%, however it is better than the index which is a bit comforting.

If we look at the last quarter of 2018, it was a very dark story. From the peak at the end of August, our money machine has gone down by about 15%. In the last quarter, the decline was 12.99%. Again we were better than the index which went down a whole 14.41%.

Finally, we look at the whole year’s development. Since the stock market has been so sour lately, it is easy to believe that the whole year has also been very bad. It has not been so. By August, our portfolio had gone up nearly 15%. Overall for 2018, we land at -2.25% and index -4.58%. No brilliant year but no disaster. We know that the stock market swings and that it does not go up every year. It has been a long period of upswing and right now we see a correction in that.

Despite the major declines at the end of the year, we did nothing, neither sold nor bought. We sit still in the boat confident that the stock exchange will face up again. Trying to slow down and the ups and downs is to speculate and basically impossible.

Activity of the month


The last month of 2018 savings has gone to our budget for the leave we are planning. As I mentioned earlier, Ms. Independence has been approved to be vacant for some time and now it is clear to me that it will be lost. More details about what we intend to do etc will be in a week.

Business that raises money


Just to take it a little short, we plan partly to work as volunteers, to work on our own projects that may become a business that raises money and to be a little “vacant”. One of the main reasons why we wanted to be on leave was to try out life as financially independent. What happens when we sit at home all day when everyone else goes to work. What will we find out? Will we get bored, will we think it’s fantastic? I see it almost as an experiment to see what such a life will be like for us. As I said, I’ll be back with more details in a separate post shortly.

Right now I am working on compiling our expenses for 2018 which I will share with you in the next post.