361 PNP officials pass Napolcom exams


A TOTAL of 361 Police Lieutenant Colonels passed the Police Executive Service Eligibility (PESE) Written Examination, conducted by the National Police Commission (Napolcom) in Quezon City, Cebu City and Davao City simultaneously on October 10, 2021.

The total number of passers-by accounted for 67.85% of the 532 senior police officers who passed the first phase of the PESE exam.

Napolcom Vice President and General Manager Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd said the aforementioned 361 police lieutenant colonels were qualified to pass the validation interview, which was scheduled at Napolcom’s central office in Quezon City on 19, 20 , February 26 and 27, 2022.

Candidates would be informed of their schedule by call or SMS.

“Those who pass the validation interview will receive a PESE certificate at an official award ceremony,” Aguirre said.

The PESE exam consisted of two phases: the written exam and the validation interview. Both phases contained analytical questions on police leadership and police values ​​to test the competence, skills and courage of future PNP leaders.

“The PESE is an eligibility requirement for the third-level ranks of a Police Colonel, Police Brigadier General, Police Major General, Police Lieutenant General, and Police Lieutenant General. police general,” Aguirre added.

The full list of candidates for the PESE written exam can be viewed on the Napolcom website via www.napolcom.gov.ph. and on the Napolcom Facebook page via @NationalPoliceCommission.


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