All You Need To Know About JKSSB’s Written Sub-Inspector Test


Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board JKSSB Notice for SI Sub-Inspector Written Test Conducting OMR Based Written Test for Sub-Inspector Position, (Police), Ministry of Home Affairs, UT Announced cadre empty Publicity notification n° 06 of 2021, under article N° 668, taking place on March 27, 2022, in a single session / session from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. – Instructions to candidates – Instructions to their management.

The OMR-based written test for the positions of Sub-Inspector, (Police), Department of Interior, UT Executive advertised in Publicity Notice No. 06 of 2021, under Item No. 668, is taking place March 27, 2022, in sitting/single session from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. must be unsealed/sealed in the presence of either the representative of the J&K Services Selection Committee or the observer appointed by the district administration and the necessary signatures can be obtained from the observer concerned on the prescribed format.

(ii) All supervisory staff, including the center supervisor, must report to the exam location two and one-half (2½) hours prior to the start of the exam.

(iii) Cell phones and other electronic gadgets must not be carried inside the examination centers.

(iv) Invigilators will check candidates’ admission card and ID before allowing them to enter the classroom or before distributing OMR sheets in the classroom. If a photo is missing on the admission card, the candidate must affix the last photo in passport format and bring four additional photos to stick on the OMR attendance sheet. This must be verified with a valid ID from the candidate. No candidate should be allowed to take the exam without an admission card.

(v) The distribution of OMR shall be from front to back only, in one column, and after the last roll no. in the first column, the following OMR shall be distributed from the 1st desk to the 2nd column and so on for the other two columns.

(vi) Invigilators will make the following announcements in the classroom before candidates begin to fill in the details of the OMR answer sheet:- a) Scratches, squishes, ticks and multiple answers will be considered one bad rating. b) Use only a blue or black ballpoint pen to fill in the details of the OMR answer sheet. The use of pencils and gel pens is not permitted. c) Do not make unnecessary marks on the OMR sheet. (vii) Distribution of the Question Book shall be done in accordance with the Seating Allocation Matrix. (The booklets will be pre-arranged in series A, B, C and D). Place a QB on each seat even if the candidate is absent.

(viii) Invigilators should announce in their respective hallways/rooms that candidates should check their question sheet before attempting to answer a question to ensure that there are no missing questions or pages, blank pages, damaged pages or disfigured in their question book. . Where a candidate has reported having such a questionnaire, at any time during the entrance test, it is the invigilator’s responsibility to immediately replace that question booklet with the same set of question booklets from the questionnaire pad intended for This objective. (ix) Candidates are advised to reach the exam venues two and a half hours early otherwise they will not be permitted to enter the exam hall.

(x) The exam is videotaped, proctoring staff should announce to exam centers both orally and in writing that candidates are under CCTV surveillance. (xi) Invigilators should also make announcements of the time remaining for the exam at appropriate intervals.

(xii) The Center Manager should ensure that supervisory staff remain alert and do not stay busy talking which is disturbing to candidates and do not carry mobile phones/devices/etc. inside the exam room.

(xiii) Candidates will not be allowed to go to the toilets during the test, except in the case of an emergency due to a health problem, but in no case during the last 30 minutes of the test. (xiv) No candidate will be permitted to leave the classroom before the end of the test for any reason.

(xv) Invigilators should ensure that candidates have completed all relevant boxes and bubbles on the OMR sheet with the correct roll number, series, question book number, etc. before signing the OMR sheet.

(xvi) Invigilators must ensure that all candidates present in the class have marked their attendance on the attendance sheets by affixing their signature against their name. The Supervisors also ensure that the bubble of the candidate present is blackened on the attendance sheet.

(xvii) Invigilators must report on candidates present and absent which must necessarily correspond to the actual number of students present and absent.

(xviii) The OMR (answer sheet) barcode and candidate roll number may or may not vary, which will have no impact on the candidate’s result scoring. The candidate’s performance solely depends on his or her answers on the OMR through proper bubbling as per the guidelines.

(xix) The candidate must fill in a single bubble corresponding to the chosen option, in response to each question. There will be a negative mark if the candidate filled in more than one bubble per question to answer it.

(xx) Candidates must blacken the correct bubble (optional) strictly in accordance with the guidelines so that candidates’ answers are correctly deciphered when scanning the OMR and that the SSB is not responsible for any problems due to erroneous recording of answers.

(xxi) The candidate will not be allowed to carry calculators, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, papers, notes, books, scanning devices, pagers, headphones, earplugs, computers laptops, i-pads, desktop computers and/or other computing/communication devices. in the place of written test. Applicants found to be using or possessing such unauthorized materials, engaging in copying or impersonation, or adopting unfair means are subject to disqualification summarily and may also be subject to legal pursuits.

(xxii) Candidates must refrain from obtaining any form of unfair assistance.

(xxiii) Candidates may bring a writing board into the examination room for their convenience.


1- The “SOP issued by Government MoHFW/J&K on Preventive Measures will be followed by all concerned while conducting/appearing for examination to contain the spread of CO VID-19

2- Arrive one and a half hours before the start of the Exam.

3- Wearing a face mask and hand disinfection are mandatory and the candidate must not spit in the premises of the examination place. However, the candidate will be required to remove their face mask as and when requested by J&K Services Selection Board officials/supervisory staff deployed in the examination room, for the purpose of checking the forms.

4- In the event that a candidate tests positive for COVID, he/she must inform the superintendent of the concerned center on the day of the examination with the necessary medical report so that the appropriate seating arrangement can be made by the superintendent of the center.

5- The social distance of two meters is mandatory everywhere, from the entrance to the exit in the premises of the place of examination.

6- Strictly adhere to respiratory etiquette, this involves a strict practice of covering your mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/flexed elbow and properly disposing of used tissues.

7- Important exam instructions and notices regarding COVID-19 have also been issued to candidates in their respective admission cards. All applicants should upload their latest admission card, carefully read the instructions and notices for COVID-19 given therein and strictly comply with them.

8- Candidates will only be allowed to take the following items with them to the exam location:

• Admission card accompanied by a self-declaration/undertaking (available on the admission card) regarding the candidate’s recent medical condition.

• Valid proof of identity.

• Personal transparent water bottle.

• An additional passport size photo to stick on the attendance sheet.

• Personal hand sanitizer.

• Hide.

• Ballpoint pen.


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