CSC provides reminders for upcoming June 2022 exams – Manila Bulletin


With a total of 135,058 candidates expected to take the Career Service Examination – Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) on Sunday, June 19, the Public Service Commission (CSC) issued reminders on Monday, June 13.


CSC said applicants can already check their school assignments by checking the Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) on CSC’s website at or by inquiring with the CSC regional office concerned. They are also strongly advised to read the “Candidate’s Guide to Passing the CSE-PPT” in order to familiarize themselves with the entire examination process.

As a must, CSC reminded that candidates must wear a face covering upon entry and at all times in the testing location. Fully vaccinated applicants must bring proof of complete vaccination; otherwise, they must show a negative RT-PCR/saliva/antigen test result.

Applicants must also bring the following requirements:

  • Valid identity card, preferably the same identity document presented when submitting the application.
  • Health declaration form, pre-filled at the earliest one day or within 24 hours before the day of the examination. The temperature reading will be provided when passing through a thermal scan at the main entrance to the test site.
  • Certificate of Consent
  • Black ballpoint pen. It is forbidden to borrow or share a ballpoint pen.
  • Alcohol or personal disinfectant, no larger than 100ml

Doors to testing sites must close at 7:45 a.m. sharp and candidates who arrive late will not be admitted.

“As such, they are advised to visit or visually inspect the site beforehand to familiarize themselves with its location, route/direction to take, public transportation available, among other considerations,” a CSC said.

The CSC also said candidates can also bring water in a clear or see-through container, as well as candy or cookies, which can only be consumed outside the exam hall with the hall examiner or invigilator approval.

Regarding prohibited acts, the CSC reminded candidates that it is strictly forbidden to take the test booklet out of the room or the examination place.

“Similarly, candidates are not permitted to bring with them to their seat any devices such as cell phones, smart watches or any other gadgets that can be used to capture an audio or video recording of any part of the test material or of the review process. “, he added.

In addition, the following acts of cheating under Republic Act No. 9416 or the Anti-Cheating Act are prohibited:

  • Imitation;
  • Use of codigo or cradle sheets;
  • Employing a position or person inside or outside the examination room who may or may not be a registered candidate but who provides candidates with answers or “codigo” or “cradle sheets” or any other assistance intended to improve the candidate’s best chance of success;
  • Altering exam records such as response data files, application forms, or photo seating plan to facilitate a failed candidate’s passage;
  • Collusion of any kind between examinees and examination staff;
  • Change of candidate number;
  • Any other act of the same nature that facilitates the passing of an examination.

Those found in violation of RA 9416 can be sentenced to imprisonment for at least 6 years and 1 day but not more than 12 years and a fine of at least 50,000 pesos.




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