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East Lancashire students celebrate after improving their GCSE English exam results.

Three students celebrating their successes are Yameen Hasware, 16, Evan Hurley, 18, and Matthew Tattersall, 22, who all improved their original GCSE grades by two or three grades, after retaking their exams at Blackburn College.

Yameen from Blackburn, who is studying a BTEC Foundation degree in engineering, initially took a Year 3 English GCSE but came away with a Year 6.

Matthew Tattersall, who is studying BTEC in Information and Creative Technology, moved up from Year 3 to Year 6 in GCSE English

Matthew Tattersall, from Rossendale, who is studying a BTEC in Information and Creative Technology, moved from a Grade 3 to a Grade 6 English GCSE. While Evan Hurley from Wilpshire, who is studying an extended degree in music performance, moved from a Year 3 English GCSE to a Year 5.

Yameen, an alumnus of St Wilfrid’s CE Academy, said: ‘I enjoyed studying English Language GCSE at Blackburn College alongside my Level 3 Engineering course.

“The atmosphere is different compared to school because your main subject is something that you have chosen and that interests you. I understand much better now how important English is for my future. When I looked at apprenticeship jobs and university courses after my course, they all ask to have a GCSE English Language qualification at level 4 or above.

“I knew not having GCSE English would hold me back. I got a 3 in my GCSE English course at school but am delighted that after taking the exam in November 2021 I got a grade 6! I was not expecting that at all. »

Evan, an alumnus of Ribblesdale Technology College, added, “I’m thrilled to have graduated 5th grade and exceeded my goal. I chose to study music at Blackburn College because the facilities and tutors were by far the best. I have been to other colleges but the music department and facilities at Blackburn College are amazing.

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