ECC Recognizes Student Excellence at Annual Awards Ceremony


Students at Enniscorthy Community College were recognized for academic and extracurricular excellence last week when the school held its annual awards ceremony.

Principal Dr Iain Wickham welcomed staff, pupils, parents and guardians to the school on what he said was ‘one of the most special days in the life of the school “.

“Awards Day is the time in our school community when we pay well-deserved tribute to the hard work, effort, resilience and community spirit of our students and to the councils, pastoral care and leadership academically provided by our experienced and committed staff,” he said.

He also paid tribute to the special guest of the event, Dr. Patrick Prendergast, the new president of the Southeastern Technological University (SETU).

Dr Prendergast, from Enniscorthy, expressed his hope that many of the students attending will continue their education at SETU.

In his address, he recounted his own journey through high school and how, based on his high school entrance exam, he was someone who was less expected academically.

However, he did well on his Junior Certificate exam and told the students, “I learned an important lesson from it, which is that people can have low expectations of you based on incomplete assumptions, but you don’t have to be defined by the expectations of others, what matters are your ambitions and expectations of yourself.

“We all have the ability to confuse other people’s expectations of us,” he said. “I was lucky to learn it early.”

He encouraged students to consider SETU which he believes will revolutionize higher and higher education in the Southeast.a

Quoting his favorite Irish poet, Michael Hartnett, who once wrote ‘I pity the man who must witness his fate’, Dr Prendergast commented: ‘Sometimes we feel like life forces us to take a certain direction – that we are destined to follow a certain path and meet certain expectations – but we don’t have to give in to our destiny. We can transform our destiny.

After the speeches, the students received their awards which include: Classroom Excellence Award: 1 alder – Rhys Meegan; 1 Ash – Sean Walsh; 1 pine – Jack Kirwan and 1 yew – Megan Dagg; 2 Hazel – Shania Donegan; 2 Holly – Jack Redmond; 2 Oak – Jamie Levingstone; 2 Rowan-Evan Corrigan; 3 Alder – Katie Nolan; 3 Ash – Chloe O’Sullivan Millar; 3 Birch – Dean Buckley; 3 If – Ruby Rellis; 5A – Kamila Sowinska; 5B – Emanuel Norcia; 5C – Megan Flynn-Lawless; 5D – Hadi Ramadan; 6A – Nadine Page; 6B – Gustavs Krumins; 6C – Brianna Sludds-Keane; 6D – Darcy McCarthy-Power; Sports awards: Soccer: Boys U15 – Ian Reilly; Boys U17 – Thomas O’Brien Cashe; Boys U19 – Ben Kelly; Senior Women’s Soccer – Holly Page; GAA Awards: Hurler Junior – Ian Reilly; junior footballer – Adam Southall; Senior Pitcher – Stephen Reilly; senior footballer – Ben Kelly; Senior Basketball – Gustavs Kremins; Junior basketball – Arturs Rannijs; Junior badminton: 1st – Adam Southall and Killian Murphy; 2nd – Bartek Jurkiewicz and Ryan Fox; 3rd – Conor Doyle and Gary Boland;

Meitheal Leaders Awards:

Layla Coady, Darragh Walsh, Breanna Sludds-Keane, Lily Byrne, Megan McNamara, Luke Williams, Gustav Krumins, Charlotte Lee, Aine Sinnott, Declan Barry; Student Council Members: Emin Aksoy, Megan McNamara, Brianna Keane-Sludds, Daniel Power, Blaithín Barrett, Daniel Kealy, Sam Doran, Ben Murphy, Hannah McInerney, Jack Redmond, Erin Walsh, Megan Dagg; Public Speaking Awards: Declan Barry, Ciera Sharpe, Elizabeth Rollo, Emin Askoy;

Ethos Prize: Excellence in Education – Breanna Sludds-Keane (6C); Care – Jack Redmond (2 Holly); Respect – Abdulhamid Ramadan (6D); Community – Megan Dagg (1 if); Tie – Blaithin Barrett (5A); Enniscorthy Mural Project Award: Christian Cara, Kian O’Leary, Jamie O’Rourke, Angel Connolly, Daniel Power, Amy Shannon, Christopher Shortall, Robbie Wilson, Shianne Giltrap, Aoife Harmon, Leah Hevey, Kaitlin O’Brien, Lee O’Connor;

Academic Awards 2022: Avid reader – Ruby Rellis (3 ifs); Library Assistant of the Year – Ashling Byrne (6LA); Junior Certificate Art – Katie Nolan, Ruby Rellis; Junior Cert Music – Shakira Waters; Junior Cert Music Practical – Katelyn Devitt Kenny; Junior Maths Certificate – Federico Norcia; Junior Certificate in Home Economics – Molly Brady; Junior Certificate Wood Materials Technology – Linda Kavanagh; Junior Certificate in Metallurgy – Paul Kehoe; Junior Certificate in Science – Katie Nolan; Junior Certificate in Business – Katie Nolan; Junior English Certificate – Katie Nolan; Junior Certificate in Geography – Shakira Waters; Irish Junior Certificate – Katie Nolan; Home Economics Leaving Certificate – Breanna Sludds Keane; Certificate of completion in biology – Elizabeth Rollo; Chemistry end-of-study certificate: Nadine Page; Leaving certificate – Olgierd Przybylek; Leaving Certificate in English – Declan Barry; Leaving Certificate Geography – Julia Stefanska; French Leaving Certificate – Breanna Sludds Keane; German Leaving Certificate – Declan Barry; Irish Leaving Certificate – Breanna Sludds-Keane; Graduation Program – Bronagh Murphy-Buckley; Certificate of Completion Construction – Matthew Moorehouse; Leaving Certificate Engineering – Luca Sludds; Academic Endeavor 5th Grade – Megan Flynn-Lawless; Certificate of completion applied 5LA – Ciara Mc Grath; Certificate of Applied Studies 6LA – Christian Cara; Leaving Certificate Art Award – Declan Barry; Leaving Certificate Mathematics – Julia Stefanska; EAL senior student – Abdulhamid Ramadan; EAL junior student – Abdallah Alahwal; JCSP Most Improved Student – ​​Dean Buckley; JCSP Student of the Year – Keeva Fitzgerald; Junior Student Boro Suite Price – Mason Ryan; Boro Suite Pricing for Senior Student – Aisling Byrne.

One of the most prestigious awards of any school is Student of the Year and this year the worthy recipient from Enniscorthy Community College was Breanne Sludds-Keane.


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