How can I get a PMP certification in India?


The Project Management Professional (PMP) qualification, which is a widely respected project management qualification, assesses a person’s ability to oversee the employees, procedures and organizational functions of a professional project. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), which oversees the qualification, there are over one million PMP holders worldwide. If you want to know how to acquire one, then read this article to deepen your knowledge about the pmp certification india. It is useful for managing projects in almost any field, including business, IT, architecture, and healthcare. You must pass a qualifying exam in addition to having the necessary expertise to obtain the certificate.

Satisfy the conditions of the PMP certification

Make sure you are qualified before registering to take the PMP certification test. You will need one of the following:

  • When you have a bac+4, 35 hours of effective training and development as well as a minimum of 36 months of experience in project management, OR

  • If you have a graduate degree or a high school diploma, you must take a 35-hour project management course and have 60 months of work experience.

You should keep a diary of your assignments and courses, noting details such as your specific role, duties, and length of projects or preparation, so you can refer to it when you qualify. Having a CAPM certification entitles you to an exemption from the training requirements. The expiration date of the PMP certification is three years. To maintain it, you will need to invest 60 hours in professional development throughout this period. In the meantime, you can consider registering to take the exam.


To create a PMI standards profile to begin the PMP certification registration process. It will be necessary to provide basic personal information such as your school profile and details of the projects you have engaged in. After being accepted, you will need to pay the exam fee and make an appointment for the test.


This would be the time when you prepare for the exam, either independently or through courses. Many exam preparation companies recommend spending 70 to 130 hours preparing. Prepare for the online professional training course.

Incorporate the PMP test

The exam can be conducted digitally or at an exam center near your area. Approximately just under 4 hours are required to complete the exam.

Keep your certificate up to date

The three-year expiration date of the PMP certification. To maintain it, you will need to invest 60 hours in professional growth throughout this period.


Additionally, the business degree prepares students to perform data analysis, create and execute business plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of organizations. This demonstrates your dedication to continuing education and professional growth. It is a method to show that you remain involved in the field of project management and that you maintain your knowledge. Do you want to hire someone who passed the PMP exam twenty years ago but didn’t oversee an assignment anyway? Clients and colleagues can see that you remain dedicated to your project management work thanks to your recent qualification.

How can I get a PMP certification in India?

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