How to Become a Chartered Economist


We all might have encountered this question from time to time, especially because there was not much knowledge and information available on how one could actually become a professional economist, or so to speak, an economist approved.

Let’s see how, together, we can provide a very succinct solution to this question: how do you become a chartered economist?

It is obvious from the outset that in order to become a Chartered Economist, one must first belong to a professional association. Professional institutions are organizations that are mandated to provide a professional qualifying designation, such as Chartered Economist®.

There are many professional associations offering qualifications for various disciplines. Notable areas with many professional qualification programs are accounting, finance, investing, marketing and now economics which is also gaining momentum.

The question is all the more valid since there has not been much momentum regarding the Chartered Economist designation until recently, at least until we have seen global organizations and certifications of Chartered Economist.

Coming back to the answer to the question, it is only fair and practical that we use one of the world’s leading and largest organizations of Chartered Economists, the ICCE, as our case study.

The ICCE is the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists, a US-registered global professional body that awards the Chartered Economist designation globally. This means that the ICCE Chartered Economist designation is accessible worldwide.

It is certainly the ICCE that will place you in a global community of economists, giving you a global edge and career opportunities.

Become a Chartered Economist with the ICCE

So yes, for anyone seriously considering becoming Chartered Economistwhich we all highly recommend, your best bet is the ICCE.

It is currently the leading globally accessible, credible, affordable and relevant Chartered Economist designation program.

The path to becoming a Chartered Economist with the ICCE can be structured as follows:

STEP 1 – Member registration

Here, a prospective member must first register as a learner. All ICCE applications are done online via their website. This means that, regardless of location, one can become a member of the ICCE and begin their journey.

WALK 2 – Take your ICCE exams

Yes, an essential part of the journey is completing all exam requirements. With ICCE, their exam is structured in levels. In total, fifteen (15) individual tests structured in levels I, II and III, as well as professional specializations, must be taken and passed.

The best recommendation is that you visit their website for more details about the exam as well as the applicable fees.

As a learner, they also offer exemption options. If a learner already has a degree in economics, they have a chance to skip some exams through exemptions. Also explore this option.

They also provide Scholarships to all their members.

STEP 3 – Meet work experience requirements

Generally, one should receive the Chartered Economist designation after completing all of the exam requirements. However, with the ICCE, there is another box to tick, and that is work experience.

It states that to obtain the title of Chartered Economist, even after completing all the exams, a learner must also have a minimum of 36 months of work experience. This could be acquired before, during or after the ICCE exam.

STEP 4 – Receive the Chartered Economist designation

After passing all exams, tests, experiences and financial obligations, the ICCE will award the coveted title of Chartered Economist and certificates of membership.

These steps above are the common thread of all other major professional programs in the world and around the world.

So here is. To become a chartered economist, one must first join a professional body. Here, the best recommendation with worldwide recognition is the ICCE. Pass their exams, meet the experience criteria, and VOILA!!, you are the next Chartered Economist with global opportunities.

Best wishes to all who wish and aspire to become a Chartered Economist®

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