How to get a driver’s license without going to the transport office? Read here


New Delhi: All you budding pilots, we have good news. You can now obtain a driving license without going through the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Yes, you read that right. An applicant applying for a driver’s license no longer has to go to the RTO and take the compulsory driving test, but can obtain it from approved driver training centres.Read also – Have you lost your voter card? Don’t worry, you can vote by viewing these 11 documents | Details inside

Under new rules notified by the Ministry of Road Transport and Union Highways (MoRTH), approved driver training centers can issue driving licenses to eligible applicants after successful completion of the training. The central or state transport services will operate these training centres. Also Read – Bharat-NCAP: Vehicles in India to get stars based on crash tests, says Nitin Gadkari

How will this work?

  1. Those who apply for a driver’s license will have to enroll in training at one of these driver training centers and pass the exam they organize.
  2. Once the candidate has passed the test, the training center issues a certificate. After obtaining the certificate, candidates can apply for a driver’s license. The license will be issued on the basis of the training certificate without any test at the RTO.
  3. The training centers will be equipped with simulators and dedicated driving test tracks. Those who can take the test at the training centers will receive licenses without traveling to the RTO for a test.
  4. Approved training centers can provide training for light motor vehicles (LCV) and medium motor vehicles as well as for heavy vehicles (HMV).
  5. The total duration of training for LMVs will be 29 hours, which must be completed within four weeks of the start of the course. The training centers will provide both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  6. These centers are also authorized to provide specialized industry-specific training. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued the notification regarding the training centers in June last year.
  7. However, a few states have raised concerns about opening driver training centers as this could lead to the privatization of the driver licensing system. There are concerns that these centers issue driving licenses without proper checks and controls.

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