IBPS SO 2021 Prelims Last Minute Tips, Exam Day Instructions, COVID Guidelines


IBPS SO 2021 Preliminaries on December 26, 2021 for 1,828 Specialized Agents (SO) – Scale I positions which include IT Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Agricultural Officer, Legal Officer, Marketing Officer and human resources / personnel officer.

IBPS SO 2021 Prelims Last Minute Tips, Exam Day Instructions & COVID Guidelines: The IBPS SO 2021 preliminaries will take place on the 26the December 2021 for applicants applying to 1,828 Specialized Agent (SO) – Scale I positions which include IT Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Agricultural Officer, Legal Officer, Marketing Officer and Resources Officer human / staff in 11 participating public sector banks. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) will organize the IBPS SO 2021 in two phases: the online preliminary exams and the online main exams. Online applicants who qualify in the IBPS SO 2021 preliminaries will be allowed to take the IBPS SO 2021 Hands exam on the 30the January 2021 followed by the Interview phase. The IBPS SO 2021 preliminary admission card is available for download until the 26the December 2021. In this article we have shared the IBPS SO 2021 Prelims Last Minute Tips, Exam Day Instructions, and COVID Guidelines.

IBPS SO 2021: Important dates

IBPS SO 2021 recruitment process

Important appointments

IBPS SO Prelims Admit Card Download

tene December 2021 to 26e december 2021

IBPS SO Preliminary Exam Date

26e december 2021

IBPS SO 2021 Preliminary Dec 26: Practice 20 Important Banking Awareness Questions With Answers

IBPS SO 2021 Preliminary Examination Template

The IBPS SO 2021 Prelims exam will be conducted in online (post-wise) mode. IBPS SO 2021 preliminaries include English language, reasoning skills, general awareness (special reference to banking) and quantitative aptitude. Each section will be allocated 40 minutes. There will be a total of 150 objective multiple choice questions (MCQs). The test medium for reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude and general awareness (with special reference to banking) will be English and Hindi. The paper for the English language will be conducted in English only.

REMARK: For the position of Jurist and Rajbhasha Adhikari, the sections of the IBPS SO 2021 preliminaries will be English language, reasoning skills and general awareness (special reference to banking).

For the position of IT manager, agricultural manager, marketing manager and human resources / personnel manager, the sections of the IBPS SO 2021 Preliminaries will be English Language, Thinking Skills, and Quantitative Proficiency.

For the post of jurist and Rajbhasha Adhikari

Section Number of
Exam medium Duration
English language 50 25 English 40 minutes
Reasoning 50 50 english and hindi 40 minutes
General awareness (with special
reference to the banking industry)
50 50 english and hindi 40 minutes
Total 150 125

For the position of IT manager, farmland manager, human resources / personnel manager and marketing manager

Section Number of
Exam medium Duration
English language 50 25 English 40 minutes
Reasoning 50 50 english and hindi 40 minutes
Quantitative aptitude 50 50 english and hindi 40 minutes
Total 150 125

IBPS SO 2021 Preliminaries: 7 Best Last Minute Tips and Preparation Strategies

1. Review the syllabus, important topics, exam template, thresholds

One day before the exam, it is time to go through the syllabus to remind important topics, practice important questions, remind exam template, check cut-off notes and other important exam guidelines to avoid any mistakes . Complete your preparation well in time before the day of the exam to find time to rest.

2. Avoid guesswork, every wrong answer is a penalty

In the IBPS SO 2021 preliminaries, each incorrect answer results in a penalty. 1/4 or 0.25 of the points awarded to a question will be deducted to arrive at a final score. If a question is left blank, no points will be deducted. There is also a section cutoff for each section. Applicants must qualify each section of the IBPS SO 2021 preliminaries by obtaining minimum scores which will be decided by the IBPS.

3. Solve copies of tests, questions from previous years, quizzes

Candidates should spend as much time as possible practicing copies of mock tests, questions from previous years with a timer to learn to adapt to the exam setting. Applicants will have 20 minutes each for all sections.

4. Don’t broach new topics

Candidates are not advised to tackle new topics one day before the exam. They should reinforce what they have prepared so far. Revisit your bookmarks, important topics, work on your strengths. Read GK / news, newspapers to keep up to date with the latest events and information.

5. Important last minute prep tips by section

English language program: Reading comprehension, time rules, Cloze test (fill in the blanks), para-jumbles, idioms and phrases, error detection, multiple meanings, paragraph / sentence completion, sentence correction / improvement.

Thinking skills program: Arrangement of seats, puzzles, inequalities, syllogism, inputs-outputs, sufficient data, blood relationship, order and classification, alphanumeric series, coding-decoding, distance and direction, verbal reasoning.

Quantitative aptitude program: Series of numbers, Interpretation of data, Simplification / Approximation, Quadratic equation, Sufficiency of data, Measurement, Average, Profit and loss, Ratio and proportion, Work, Time and energy, Time and distance, Probability, Relations, Simple and compound interest, Permutation and combination.

Check the Important Topics by Section and the expected number of questions for English, Reasoning, Quantitative, and General Awareness in the IBPS SO 2021 Prelims Exam.

6. Keep your admission card, proof of identity and Aarogya Setu application ready.

Applicants are advised to bring their admission card, photo ID, photographs and other required documents at least 2 hours before the report time to complete the formalities. Please note that the appeal letter for the preliminary examination will not be collected at the examination location but will only be duly authenticated / stamped by examination center staff. Remember to follow the social distancing mode of the exam instructions, install the Aarogya Setu app on mobile, and only carry items that are allowed in the exam location. (Check below).

7. Eat cheerful foods, sleep well and stay calm

The day before exam day is the day you remember to take a break and rest after all the hard work. Candidates are advised to consume healthy and happy foods to keep their body and mind healthy.

IBPS SO 2021 Preliminary: Exam Day Instructions and COVID Guidelines

1. The candidate is required to present himself at the place of the examination strictly according to the time slot mentioned in the letter of appeal AND / OR informed by SMS / mail on their mobile phone number / registered mail before the date of the exam. Different report times will be printed for a set of candidates.

2. The candidate list number and lab number mapping will NOT be displayed outside of the exam location.. The same will be communicated to the candidates individually at the time of the candidate’s entry to the exam location and will display his admission card / appeal letter and verification of his identity.

3. Candidates must strictly adhere to the list of items allowed at the exam location.. All candidates must strictly follow the social distancing mode of conduct during the exam.


(ii) Gloves

(iii) Personal transparent water bottle (Applicants are advised to bring their own water bottle)

(iv) Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)

(v) A simple pen

(vi) Documents related to the examination (appeal letter / admission card, original identity card, photocopy of the identity card, etc.)

(vii) The appeal letter / admission card must be brought along with the photocopy of the stapled photo ID. An original identity document (identical to the photocopy) must also be brought for verification. The name on the ID and on the calling letter / admission card must be exactly the same.

(viii) In the case of candidate scribes – Scribe form duly completed and signed with a photograph affixed.

4. Applicants must install the Aarogya Setu app on mobile reflecting their risk factors. Applicants must not share any of their personal / material effects with anyone.

5. Applicants must maintain a safe social distance from each other and stand in the row according to the instructions provided on the site.

6. If a candidate uses the scribe, Then the scribe should also bring his own gloves, N95 mask, disinfectant (50ml) and water bottle. Wearing a mask is compulsory. Both the candidate and the scribe will be required to wear an N95 mask.

7. All candidates will be checked with Thermo guns at the entrance point for temperature. In the event that a person has a higher than normal temperature (> 99.14 ° F) or exhibits symptoms of the virus, they will not be allowed to enter the site.

8. Candidates will be registered by capturing photos. Photographs will be taken while the candidate is standing. A seat number will be assigned to the candidate.

9. Raw sheet (s) kept at the office of each candidate will be used by the candidate. After completing the exam, candidates should drop off the raw sheets in the designated drop box as shown on the site.

10. Checks after examination: At the end of a shift, applicants should move in an orderly and unhurried manner as directed by site staff.

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