Increase in the number of aspirants preferring the IRS to the IPS in the public service! Why?


UPSC Prelims 2022 would take place in June of next year. Applicants have the choice to select their preferred services like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, etc. Many applicants recently prefer IRS to IPS. Check the reason and benefits of Indian tax services below.

UPSC Prelims 2021 result was declared this Sunday, October 31, 2021. The candidates qualified for the UPSC preliminaries would now present themselves for UPSC 2021 network and those who qualify would appear for UPSC 2021 personality test. By completing the UPSC forms, applicants are invited to complete their position preference they wish to apply. Then, according to their ranks, they are ranked in their preferred choice by the Union Civil Service Commission, UPSC.


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UPSC 2022 Exam Date and Schedule (CSE): Preliminaries (June 5), Hands (from September 16)

UPSC 2021: What is the most preferred choice in the public service?

The the most preferred position to date is IAS. These services have charmed aspirants since the British era. However, not all qualified aspirants are. The next major services that people choose are IFS, IPS, and IRS. This has always been the trend. However, in recent years there has been an increase in the number of aspirants who prefer Indian income services over Indian police services.

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Previously, the main positions after IAS were Indian Police Service and Indian Foreign Service. Many administrative services officers have noticed the recent trend of increasing IRS preference.

UPSC: Reasons Why Applicants Choose IRS Over IPS

Financial Express reported that Manish Saxena (1996 lot agent) said little has changed in terms of vacancies and training. But increasing the age limit has more experienced and mature aspirants’ choices.

All services are considered to be on par, but there are also gray areas between them.

IPS was UPSC’s second preferred choice. However, the numbers have fallen slightly in recent years, with more and more people opting for the IRS. A famous case is that of Dr Sri Vatsa Sehra who studied medicine at AIIMS. He then passed the civil service exam and was ranked 148th to get the IRS (IT) as a service. He was re-selected the year in a row only to qualify for the IAS, but he decided to stay as an IRS (IT) and dropped out of the IAS choice.

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When asked by a leading daily newspaper about his choice to remain an IRS over an IAS, he said: “Like most applicants, I also didn’t have much knowledge about others. services like IRS (IT) before joining.

The IRS (IT) offers an incredible opportunity not only to administer the complex tax structure, but also to learn about the whole economic framework of the country. The officers of this service interact with and analyze taxpayers from all spheres of the economy, from backgrounds as diverse as small sole proprietorships to large multinational corporations, from the salaried class to independent professionals, from NGOs to local authorities and assess exempt agricultural income. This service allows you to take the pulse of the economy. “

The main advantage of choosing the IRS according to most applicants:

Many aspirants are now of the opinion that the IRS or income tax is not only a tool of income generation for the country, but a form of regulation of the national economy and of economic interactions with the country. rest of the world. The tools used are transfer pricing, international taxation, etc.

Activities that contribute to the development of the economy are incentivized through deductions and exemptions, and harmful activities are penalized. IRS (IT) helps to gain expertise in almost every aspect of the economy.

There has been an increase in the number of business students taking the civil service exam. No wonder they prefer IRS to IPS at all times. Those interested in taxation also opt for the Indian Revenue Service.

Additionally, today’s aspirants are also looking for a good work-life balance which is more in IRS than IPS.

There is very little political interference and people who prefer to reside in towns and cities opt for such services. There is also much more stability in IRS than in Indian police services.

Indian police services are for the hard-hearted aspirants. These services require 24-hour availability, which is typically a 9 to 5 schedule in the IRS.

Thus, IRS services are generally chosen by aspirants these days.

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