JKSSB successfully conducts its first exam for SI (Police) positions; President salutes district administrations and other role partners


Srinagar, 27th March: The Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) has successfully conducted its first ever OMR-based objective type written examination for the post of Deputy Inspector (Police), Ministry of the Interior today (March 27, 2022), from 12:00 p.m. noon to 2 p.m.

The recruitment committee had set up 322 examination centers in 16 districts of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir with maximum number of sites (65) in Jammu and least number of sites (6) in the districts of Kishtwar.

Relevantly, the Home Office referred 1,200 Sub-Inspector (Police) positions for recruitment through direct recruitment. Subsequently, the JKSSB advertised the above-mentioned positions under Notification No. 06 of 2021, No. 668, against which 1,13,861 registered candidates were to apply for the above-mentioned positions. 97,793 (85.95%) candidates actually took today’s exam.

The OMR exam test was conducted with the active cooperation and support of the respective district administration and Jammu and Kashmir Police and other related departments like education, transport etc. Private schools and colleges have also given their full cooperation in conducting the above-mentioned review.

“The JKSSB has been entrusted with the recruitment of a Police Sub-Inspector (Department of Interior) for the first time in J&K history. It was a massive exercise and I am grateful to all partners role for their enormous cooperation. The JK SSB team worked tirelessly to carry out the review. The Deputy Commissioners and their teams in the districts extended their fullest cooperation to the J&KSSB in the smooth and transparent conduct of This exercise. Safety arrangements were elaborate and traffic flow was ensured by the JK Police. The Ministry of Transport kept public transport available. The Departments of Education and Health provided manpower. and sanitary facilities at each site. Private educational institutions have also supported this endeavor. In addition to further improving transparency and fairness during the examination process, all sites were equipped with a facility for live CCTV monitoring and biometric presence capture to prevent attempts at unfair means practices like identity theft,” the JKSSB Chairman said according to a document. delivered to the GNS.

The JKSSB has deployed a tiered structure for supervision with a central observer and a central magistrate for each examination center, in addition to the center superintendent and proctors. 322 magistrates, 322 center observers and 322 center superintendents and about 4800 supervisors were deployed for the smooth running of the examination.

CCTV Live Broadcast, Flying Squads and Chief Inspectors were also appointed for the effective supervision and monitoring of the examination. GAD has also appointed exam observers for each district. Adequate security arrangements have been made at each examination center by the J&K Police for the search and maintenance of public order.

In addition to ensuring the examination is conducted in a fair and transparent manner, all District Magistrates have been requested to issue restraining orders under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) around the exam centers for the duration of the exam.

The officers/civil servants deployed during the vigilance exercise detected a case of attempt of unfair means by female candidate at Govt Women Degree College Anantnag. The candidate was found in possession of a stealthed cell phone while attempting to sit for the aforementioned exam. However, the same was recovered and the candidate was immediately placed in solitary confinement.

Section 27(a) of the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Committee (Conduct of Examination) Regulations 2013 states that “The candidate found in possession of any communication device, equipment/ electronic gadget or any other material with the intention of receiving assistance must be declared to have used unfair means during the examination”.

Accordingly, the Service Selection Committee, in order to maintain the transparency and fairness of the examination, has decided to disqualify the said candidates and ban the said candidates for 3 years from participating in the examinations conducted by the Service Selection Committee. services of Jammu and Kashmir in accordance with the procedure.

Further, the aforementioned review was strictly conducted in accordance with the SoPs notified under the COVID-19 protocol and the required medical teams were deployed to the venues to ensure proper Covid behavior was adhered to. (GNS)


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