KU says failed doctors passed MS exams


Two doctors from Karachi Medical & Dental College (KMDC) who had failed their Master of Science in ENT final examination conducted under the University of Karachi were declared successful by KU without informing the panel of examiners.

A panel of six senior doctors – Prof. Iqbal Udiapurwala, Prof. Salman Matiullah, Prof. Iqbal Khyani, Prof. Ismail Hirani, Prof. Iqbal Khan and Prof. Muhammad Zubair – wrote to the Sindh Higher Education Commission, to the Department of Universities and Boards of Trustees and KU on the results of the two doctors being changed.

On January 8, they informed the Acting Vice Chancellor of KU that the MS ENT examination, including defense and practice, took place at KMDC, where Dr. Baseer Ahmed and Dr. Yousaf were reviewed by a panel of six senior physicians.

“We, the panel of examiners for the said exam, were shocked to see the results declaring both candidates passed despite their very poor performance in the oral and practical tests,” they wrote in their letter.

“They were unanimously rejected by the panel with advice to improve and retake the exam in the interest of the general public. We have been in a state of mental agony since the announcement of the results.

The Chief Medical Officers have called for an investigation into the matter and issued a response accordingly. They also asked the university’s acting VC to “not drag us into the future to be part of this conspiracy.”

On January 14, they wrote a letter to the Secretary of Universities and Councils, informing him that the panel of examiners had recently taken the MS in ENT exam and had failed two doctors due to poor performance. “To our surprise, both candidates were declared successful when the results were announced.”

They said they reported their grievance to KU’s Acting VC but received no response from the university. The Chief Medical Officers have asked the Secretary to investigate the matter in order to maintain the credibility and standard of such a high qualification awarded by a renowned university.

When The News contacted the KU spokesperson, he said the exam controller had taken urgent leave, so the matter will be discussed with him after he returns to work. The spokesperson did not comment further.


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