MP Baey Yam Keng ‘humblebrags’ A-Level results, internet roasts him


Tampines MP Baey Yam Keng’s A-level results showed he earned 4 accolades in his exams.

Image: MP Baey Yam Keng Facebook

Candidates who sat for the 2021 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) exam received their results from their schools today.

11,070 candidates sat for the GCE A-Level 2021 exam. 10,353 (93.5%) of these candidates achieved at least 3 H2 passes, with a pass in General Paper (GP) or Knowledge and Inquiry (KI ). This is comparable to the performance of GCE A-Level exam takers in previous years, COVID-19 notwithstanding.

Tampines Group Representation Constituency (RCMP) MP Baey Yam Keng took to his Facebook to wish good luck to candidates who sat for the GCE A-Level 2021 exam. Sharing his own exam results level A, Baey asked them to settle for their results. Several Facebook users who responded to the MP’s post, however, thought he was “humble boastful”.

In his post, the MP said: “No one is perfect. I also wish I had done better on my A Levels. Even a stage exam is only part of our learning journey. Best wishes to those who will receive their results later today.As long as you have done your best, be satisfied with what you have achieved.

Humblebragging means making an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement with the genuine intention of drawing attention to something of which one is proud. Ever since the MP’s post showed he had achieved excellent results for his A-level exams taken in 1988, several Facebook users have thought he was humbly bragging.

A Facebook user commenting on Baey’s post said: ‘I know you are sharing this with good intention, but these are very high marks. Saying these aren’t good and you still want better ones is pretty demoralizing to students who can never hope to get those kind of grades. To some, it even sounds like “humble boasting.” »

Another jokingly said, “It’s really ugly! I got 1s all over… But seriously, it’s like a humble man bragging…”

Benjamin Lee – perhaps better known to Singaporeans by his blogging handle Mr Miyagi – responded to Baey’s post, saying: “Liddat no good meh? The only AI obtained was in the title of the certificate. hahaha”

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Another well-known internet personality, Lee Kin Mun (aka mr brown), trolled Baey saying, “OMG only B3 for GP! How did you survive this trauma?

After drawing a few brikbats for his position, the deputy revised it; “All the best to those who will receive their results later today. As long as you have done your best, be satisfied with what you have accomplished. Many of us aim for perfection but no one is perfect. Even though my A-level results would be considered good, I also wish I had done better.

“Looking back today, after many years, my grades helped me get a scholarship. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to do my degree abroad. Other than that, I don’t think “they meant a lot in my life. A level is a milestone exam, but it’s only part of our lifelong learning journey. Best wishes to those who will receive their results later in the day. As long as you have done your best, be satisfied with what you have achieved.

His review didn’t go over well with most FB users either. Local literary critic Gwee Li Sui dismissed the review saying it merely added “another boast”.

The MP responded to some of the criticism on his Facebook: “I never said my results weren’t good. Just that I was like most people, aiming for the best or perfection. He said he “was very happy with his chemistry S homework, especially (since he) failed (his) chemistry common test in JC2 – was reprimanded by (his) chemistry tutor”.

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A Facebook user advised the Baey, who is also a Principal Parliamentary Secretary (SPS), to delete the post entirely.

“Dear SPS Baey, even if you have good intentions, this message is enough for a privileged elite trying to sympathize with the masses without knowing how privileged they have been. scholarship abroad? That’s all sir, the opportunity you have been given due to your good grades is a privilege that many could only dream of. Without it, your life opportunity would have been more difficult. So please Delete this post before it generates more unnecessary negativity from the masses.If anything, your post only serves to solidly solidify the idea that ratings are everything.

Baey responded to some of the criticism by saying, “I didn’t mean my results weren’t good, just that they weren’t perfect, which is perfectly fine.”

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