Netherlands confirms at least 13 Omicron cases; Austria and Australia report first cases


China could face more than 630,000 Covid-19 infections per day if he abandoned his zero-tolerance policies by lifting travel restrictions, according to a study by mathematicians at Peking University, reports Reuters.

In the report from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, mathematicians said China could not afford to lift travel restrictions without more effective vaccinations or specific treatments.

Using August data from the United States, Britain, Spain, France and Israel, mathematicians assessed the potential outcomes if China adopted the same tactics in combating the pandemic that these countries.

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A journalist is tested for the coronavirus at a Winter Olympics site near Beijing. Photograph: Tingshu Wang / Reuters

China’s daily new cases would reach at least 637,155 if it adopted the United States’ pandemic strategy, according to the report.

And daily cases would reach 275,793 if China took the same approach as Britain and 454,198 if it emulated France, he said.

“The estimates revealed the real possibility of a colossal epidemic which would almost certainly place an unaffordable burden on the medical system,” the report said.

“Our results clearly alerted to the fact that, for the moment, we are not ready to adopt strategies of” opening “based only on the assumption of a collective immunity induced by the vaccination advocated by some Western countries. . “


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