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Pune: The National Sports and Culture Directorate has recommended to the Department of Education to take into account the performance of students in Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSC, Std X) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC, Std XII) excelling in sport from Std IV following the restriction of sporting events during the pandemic.
Last year, the state board reviewed student applications with the same rule recommended by the athletics directorate, and grace points were awarded accordingly.
A proposal drafted by State Sports and Youth Directorate Commissioner Om Prakash Bokaria said: “According to the state government curriculum, students who excel at district, state , national and international receive grace marks from five to 25 depending on their achievements for their crucial SSC and HSC board exams. However, the last two years have been difficult for the sports fraternity and tournaments have been limited, giving no opportunity for students to show off their performance. However, they have been participating for four to five years and we thought that should be taken into account in these difficult times.
Accordingly, the best performance of students from Std VI to X or XII will be considered for the awarding of grace marks. Many sports associations conducted the student selection tests through individual tests because it was not possible to organize tournaments or inter-school games.
The National Association of Physical Education and Sport Teachers had written to management that the rule on attendance at sporting events during Std X and Std XII years was mandatory and should be relaxed for this year as there is no there were no opportunities.
The Department of Higher and Technical Education had announced earlier that an online exam for art and drawing students should be held to provide them with the ease of grace marks. Accordingly, the exam is scheduled for students and the dates will be announced shortly.

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