Railways clarify concerns raised by applicants regarding screening process


Indian Railways has issued a clarification after some candidates raised concerns over the process of screening candidates for the second stage of the ongoing recruitment exam under the Railways Recruitment Boards (RRBs) for non-technical popular categories (NTPC) – graduates and non-graduates.

The Ministry of Railways said in a statement: “The attention of Railways has been drawn to concerns raised by some candidates regarding the process of shortlisting candidates for the second stage of the ongoing recruitment examination in under the Centralized Employment Notice (CEN) No. RRB. 01/2019 (for the Popular Non-Technical Categories – Masters and Masters) – the results of which were announced on January 14, 2022.”

In this regard, it is recalled that the candidate pre-selection procedure for the second stage computer-based test (CBT) had already been detailed in paragraph 13 of the initial notification, i.e. CEN 01/2019 published on 28.02 .2019.

In this job notification, thirteen categories were advertised, open to graduates and six of them to undergraduates. These thirteen categories have been separated into five groups according to the levels of the 7th CPC salary scale (i.e., levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and the step-by-step recruitment procedure for each category has already been clearly listed in CEN 13.6. Each candidate was free to opt for all or part of these thirteen categories subject to eligibility conditions.

While Stage 1 CBT was a common exam for all candidates, paragraph 13.2 of the notification clearly indicates that in Stage 2 CBT there would be a separate exam for each group (i.e. Levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) with different levels of difficulty. Thus, all positions under the same level will have a common 2nd degree CBT. Therefore, if a candidate is eligible and has opted for more than one level (depending on the educational qualification), he/she will have to appear in the corresponding 2nd CBT stage for each level as indicated in paragraph 13.6 from the standard (difficulty level ) for each group of positions will be different (i.e. college or university level).

It is also brought to the attention of candidates that, according to the provisions, the number of candidates to be called for the NTPC second stage examination is only 10 times the number of approved vacancies. This number of calls 10 times higher than the number of vacancies has been increased to 20 times the number of vacancies in CEN 1/2019 to protect the interest of candidates, when pre-selection is carried out at all levels, and to guarantee that deserving candidates are not denied an opportunity. Therefore, to cover a reasonable number of candidates for the 2nd stage CBT, the number of candidates to be shortlisted has been maintained at twenty times the number of community vacancies notified based on their merit in the 1st stage CBT cum preference of posts.

Additionally, while an eligible candidate will be required to apply for each corresponding 2nd Stage CBT based on his/her eligibility and option, he/she will be selected and the final nomination will be against a single position. Therefore, the question of depriving any deserving candidate of the selection does not arise.

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