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By Peter Scargill

Robbie Dunne was convicted of bullying and harassing Bryony Frost for an extended period after an independent disciplinary panel ruled that he had engaged in behavior online, on the track and in the weigh room that was prejudicial to the integrity, good conduct and good reputation of racing.

Announcing the panel’s verdict, Chairman Brian Barker said they had been “unable to accept Mr Dunne’s sweep of denials, criticisms and reasoning” as well as expressing “real concern” about the described culture of the weighing room in Great Britain.

In contrast, the panel said Frost, who was victorious at Warwick shortly before the verdict was delivered, was “truthful, cautious and convincing” when providing evidence.

The panel ruled that Dunne’s behavior towards Frost between February 13 and September 3 of last year, when his campaign against his weigh-room colleague resulted in him telling her he ” would put you in a wing, ”was a promise to hurt and amounted to bullying. , the most serious of the charges brought against him by the BHA.

Barker said: “We cannot accept Mr Dunne’s sweep of denials, criticisms and reasoning. A man who, in the opinion of one of his own witnesses, was a ‘piss taker’ and who considered himself to be one of the elders of the weigh room and someone who expected his point of view to be heard.

Edward Whitaker (

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“We cannot accept Mr. Dunne’s sweep of denials, criticisms and reasoning”

Edward Whitaker (

“The tenor and the type of language that we find has been used towards Ms. Frost is totally unacceptable, whatever the frustrations with her style and whatever the habits of the weighing room. They fall squarely within the framework of the. prohibition set out in the rule.

“Second, in examining the evidence provided and their approach by the renowned jockeys as well as the valets – who are probably in a difficult position – we have real concern that what has been called by Mr. Weston as’ the culture of the weigh-in room “is deeply rooted and coercive, and in itself is not conducive to the good health and development of modern horsemanship.”

He added: “After reviewing the evidence and Ms. Frost’s behavior, we find her to be truthful, cautious and convincing. In bringing her complaint to the [BHA] she broke ‘the code’, knowing that isolation and rejection of some was inevitable. “

It Happened: Timeline of Robbie Dunne’s Disciplinary Hearings

Dunne could be banned for up to three years for breaking rule (J) 19 four times. The panel is due to hear comments on the sanctions from the BHA and Dunne’s legal representatives after 2 p.m.

The verdict came three minutes after Frost won a maiden obstacle over Graystone for coach Lucy Wadham at Warwick.

After sharing a hug with Frost, Wadham said: “It was very emotional and we were very involved with Bryony and what she went through. She was amazing how she was able to close it while she was driving. It’s extraordinary and you can see his strength of character. “

During his testimony last Wednesday, Frost spoke fondly of Dunne’s bullying and how she was ostracized by male and female colleagues in the weighing room.

“The isolation I felt from speaking, I don’t wish it on anyone,” she said. “I don’t know any other jockeys, but if I did talk about myself I wouldn’t intentionally threaten or scare someone by saying I promise to hurt you. This is by no means true in nature. human and that’s not what you tell someone.

“Dad [Grand National-winning rider Jimmy Frost] always told me to stay calm, not to start anything, to just let it go and move on. I used to think that but [with] the promise to hurt someone, there’s not much you can take. “

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