Solomon Exam Prep Launches Pass Probability ™ Technology for FINRA Series 24 Exam


The probability of passing helps Solomon’s students determine when they are ready to take the Round 24 exam.

Securities Exam Prep’s latest innovation, Solomon Exam Prep, predicts a student’s preparation for a securities licensing exam.

Now, along with the probability of passing, Solomon offers a single metric that goes through all the variables and gives students an extremely reliable measure of their probability of passing the actual exam.

– Jeremy Solomon, co-founder and president

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, December 29, 2021 / – Solomon Exam Prep, a leading creator of securities exam preparation materials, is delighted to announce that its innovative Pass Probability ™ technology is now available for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) General Main Qualifying Exam, also known as the 24-series. This technology will help Solomon 24-series customers determine when they are ready to take the exam, which qualifies individuals to manage or supervise the investment or securities banking activities of a FINRA member. . With the addition of the pass probability for Round 24, Solomon Exam Prep now offers this advanced tool for nine different securities licensing exams.

Solomon Pass Likelihood measures a student’s preparation for taking a securities exam, running seamlessly in the Solomon Exam Prep Series 24 exam simulator. The Solomon Exam Prep Series 24 exam simulator offers more than 3,600 original practice questions for the Series 24 exam. After a Solomon Series 24 student takes five practice exams in the Solomon Series 24 exam simulator, the Probability of Pass tool is activated. Based on the scores of these five practice exams, the tool calculates the probability that the student will pass the actual exam, as a percentage out of 100. Solomon recommends aiming for a pass probability of 75% or more before taking the exam. ‘FINRA Series 24 exam.

The probability of success is based on a proprietary mathematical model that uses thousands of Salomon’s student pass / fail data points. A correlation analysis of the probability of success gave a correlation coefficient of 0.82, which is considered very strong (in a range of -1 to 1). This means that the probability of passing is very effective in predicting the likelihood of a student passing their securities exam.

Solomon Exam Prep created Pass Probability because, as co-founder and chairman Jeremy Solomon explains, “Before Pass Probability, when students took practice exams in the exam simulator, there was still some uncertainty about what to do with it. whether their scores indicated they were ready to take an exam. . There were simply too many variables affecting a student’s success, like the exam they took, the questions the student faced, etc. Now, along with the probability of passing, Solomon offers a single metric that goes through all the variables and gives students an extremely reliable measure of their probability of passing the actual exam.

Solomon customers said they benefit from the increased level of certainty offered by the probability of passing, with one student saying he felt “grateful for the probability of passing feature by giving me a little more confidence before taking the exam. “. (Andrew Nerys, Cash App Investing)

Additionally, if a student’s probability of success is less than 75%, Solomon provides an additional level of personalized study support known as a Remediation Report. The student receives an individual report with detailed suggestions on how to focus study efforts prior to the exam. The remediation report is sent to the student’s email address and includes the following:

– Summary of the progress of the current study
– Personalized recommendations on growth areas
– Study tips for hometretch
– Reminders on the elements of support for students

Pass and correct probability reports are included in the 24-series exam simulator in addition to these other useful features:

– Huge Question Database: Over 3,600 original Round 24 practice questions with strong rationale that clearly explains why a specific answer is correct
– Free updates: continuously updated questions to keep up with regulatory and industry changes
– Distribution of strengths: Detailed exam results and self-assessment tools help identify areas that require further study
– Interactive Exam: Easily review questions that are answered incorrectly
– Unlimited quizzes and exams: 20-question quiz based on the FINRA exam sections, untimed 160-question practice exams with immediate answer and 160-question timed practice exams

Solomon Exam Prep Pass Probability is currently available for the following exams: Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), Series 6, Series 7, Series 24, Series 63, Series 65, Series 66, Series 79, and Series 82.

Solomon Exam Prep has helped tens of thousands of people pass their FINRA, NASAA, NFA, and MSRB exams including Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), Series 3, Series 6, Series 7, Series 14, Series 22, Series 24, Series 26, Series 27, Series 28, Series 50, Series 51, Series 52, Series 53, Series 54, Series 63, Series 65, Series 66, Series 79, Series 82 and Series 99.

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