ssc: schools want to hold offline Hsc and Ssc preliminary exams | Bombay News

Mumbai: With the state board of education determined to conduct offline Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exams as per the schedule in March-April, schools also insist on preliminary physical tests for students.
Schools had started preparing students for physical exams in October. The closure of schools in January amid rising infections has put a question mark over paper and pen exams. The state, however, clarified that the SSC and HSC exams will be conducted in physical mode.
Worried about students falling behind in writing long papers, schools want students to take practice tests in physics mode. “The documents of the preliminary questions are established. We are considering taking an online exam. Students need practice if they are to write the tables offline. We have called pupils to school in batches next week for preliminary exams,” said the headmaster of a school in Charni Road.
Schools hope to conduct at least two practice tests before students take SSC exams from March 15. “The program has ended and students have been asked to solve questions from previous years. The practice test will give us an idea of ​​the ranking of the students. We plan to hold offline preliminaries in the last week of January,” said the principal of a school in Borivli.
Preliminary exam papers are rigorous to help teachers know where students stand in the finals.

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