Start the Central Placement System for Freshmen


The University Grants Commission has urged public universities that run uniform admission tests to introduce a central system for placing students in universities and subjects of their choice.

In a meeting with the Vice Chancellors yesterday, the UGC also urged them to ‘set admissions form fees rationally’ to reduce the financial burden on admissions seekers and their guardians.

“We have urged the authorities of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chattogram and Jahangirnagar universities to form a cluster and organize uniform admission tests to ease the process for admission applicants,” said Professor Dil Afroza Begum, acting president of the UGC.

She said they have urged universities to set up division-level admissions testing centers.

It was also decided that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University, Kishoreganj, and Chandpur University of Science and Technology will both join the group of science and technology and general public universities, which conduct uniform admission tests, a said Professor Muhammed Alamgir, member of the UGC.

He added that Habiganj Agricultural University would join the group of agricultural universities.

Authorities of 20 general, scientific and technological (GST) public universities held a uniform entrance test for the first time last year, while seven agricultural universities held cluster admission tests for the second consecutive year . The previous year, three engineering and technology universities also held uniform admission tests for the first time.

In 2021, admission seekers have struggled due to non-cooperation in the admissions process. The authorities of the General, Scientific and Technological Universities (GST) cluster then organized a uniform admission test and graded the students on this basis.

After that, 20 universities separately issued a call for applications and indicated their requirements in their admission announcement. They completed the admissions process separately at different times.

“As the admissions process takes place separately and students change subjects and universities, many seats in some universities remain vacant,” Alamgir said.

“If centralized placement in universities and subjects were ensured for students based on their choice, their hassles would decrease. The number of vacancies in universities would also decrease drastically.”

He said that the group of agricultural universities is already following this procedure.

Professor Munaz Ahmed Noor, VC of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University, said it is possible to have a central placement system for students.

“But the admission test and the admission process of the cluster should take place after the admission test and the admission process of the people’s universities,” said Munaz, who was head of the technical committee of the GST cluster the last year.

Another VC, preferring anonymity, said it would be difficult for universities in the GST group to give admission seekers placement in universities and subjects because the nature of these universities is different from each other. .

At the meeting, the UGC also urged universities to reduce the number of seats in departments where students show less interest.

He asked Bangladesh Bishwabidyalaya Parishad, an association of vice-chancellors of public universities, to make a decision allowing students to sit admission tests for the second time and set the schedule for admission tests.

They made the calls at a time when many admission seekers are concerned about their preparation for the upcoming public university entrance exams, as most institutions have yet to decide whether the exam schedule will be shortcut.


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