Support for wallet driving license resurfaces in second iOS 15.4 developer beta


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Apple laid the groundwork for including driver’s licenses in the second iOS 15.4 developer beta, with the discovery of a reference to the feature in its code.

Apple released the second developer beta of iOS 15.4 on Tuesday, with the main find being things related to the just-announced Tap to Pay feature on iPhone. After a closer look at the beta, it looks like Apple is gearing up to bring another element to the operating system soon.

A code reference found in the beta by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser and posted on Twitter includes the line “Find out when your driver’s license or ID card is ready to use and get important updates.”

Originally announced as part of the iOS 15 wallet updates during WWDC 2021, the feature expands the types of items the wallet can hold. In addition to ID card information supported in some US states, this was also to include driver’s licenses as a commonly accepted form of ID.

Apple was also working with the US Transportation Security Administration to support digital identities at airports, allowing an iPhone user to verify their identity before flying.

In November, Apple updated its iOS 15 webpage to indicate that the feature was being pushed back to early 2022.

Apple would also keep tight control over the feature, with Apple having “complete discretion” over its deployment and the technology that powers it. Leaked documents in November revealed that states also had to agree to “allocate sufficient personnel and resources to support the launch” of the feature and boost its adoption by “key federal and state stakeholders.” , such as the IRS and the law. enforcement.


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