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Mapua University EC-Council Academia Partner

The University of Mapúa, the Philippines’ premier school of engineering and technology, has partnered with EC-Council to offer industry-leading cybersecurity training and certifications aimed at meeting the country’s need for cybersecurity experts . Now an authorized partner of the EC-Council Academia, Mapúa will offer high-quality, authorized EC-Council cybersecurity university courses to train Mapúa students in the ever-evolving global cybersecurity standards.

In addition to preparing future and current IT professionals to become globally competitive, the move also aims to generate a troop of highly skilled Filipino cybersecurity professionals who can help the country avoid and recover from the influx of cyberattacks which have since intensified during the pandemic.

EC-Council is a world-renowned leading certification body in cybersecurity technical certifications. Its programs are endorsed and internationally recognized by organizations such as the US Government’s National Security Agency, the Committee on National Security Systems, and the American National Standards Institute.

The university currently offers three (03) EC-Council certificate courses: Certified Secure Computer User, Certified Network Defender and Certified Ethical Hacker. All courses are available online.

These self-paced courses cover essential topics that help cybersecurity experts combat cybercrime. EC-Council certificates will be awarded to students who pass the relevant exams.

In the Certified Ethical Hacker course, some of the issues covered are ethical hacking, fingerprinting and reconnaissance, IoT hacking, SQL injection, and cryptography.

On the other hand, IT professionals will appreciate the in-depth information offered by the Certified Network Defender. This course covers in-depth topics on security architecture, anomaly detection, forensic investigation, disaster recovery, attack surface analysis, and threat intelligence, among others.

Certified secure computer users will undertake secure operating systems, malware and antivirus, social networking sites, secure cloud and network connections, and data backup and disaster recovery.

Currently, registered students and new graduates of the 2020 Mapúa batch can benefit from the modules and exam vouchers at a special academic rate.




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