Violation of invalidity rules: investigation marked against the principal of a college in Kullu in Himachal


The Himachal Pradesh Disability Commissioner ordered an investigation against the principal of a government college in Kullu, Roshan Lal, for alleged discrimination against visually impaired students during their exams, which went to the against guidelines issued by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The Principal Secretary, Education was ordered to submit the investigation report within 15 days.

Ajai Srivastava, an expert member of the state advisory council on disability and chairman of the Umang Foundation, had filed a lawsuit against the principal about a week ago.

In his complaint, Srivastava had alleged that the principal in question repeatedly violated the guidelines for the conduct of examinations for persons with disabilities issued by the Government of India, State Government, UGC and University of India. Himachal Pradesh.

Srivastava who is also the Nodal Officer for Disability Affairs at Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), Shimla to which the college is affiliated, alleged that some visually impaired final year BA students at Kullu college had it approached with their grievances.

It was alleged that the director acted against the guidelines by failing to prepare a group of scribes to take the exams for visually impaired candidates.

According to the rules, if the college does not provide the scribe, applicants can hire any writer they choose, regardless of their qualifications.

However, the principal forced the students to bring them a writer from a junior class. The principal is also accused of not allowing students to change scribes during exams for different subjects.

Srivastava said the rules were clearly mentioned in HPU’s new disability policy implemented recently that the qualification of scribe will not be taken into account when writing an exam for students with physical disabilities and that the candidate can also change scribe for different subjects.

“The rule is binding on all colleges,” Srivastva said, while asking the Disability Commissioner to issue further instructions to all educational institutions to strictly abide by government orders and not harass or do not discriminate against students with disabilities.


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