Visually impaired youth refused entry to the CTET exam


At a time when governments are making efforts to help people with disabilities, a visually impaired youth was not only denied entry to the CTET exam in Shimla on Thursday, allegedly on illegal grounds, but staff at the center were also denied entry to the CTET exam in Shimla on Thursday. examination would have gone badly with him.

Visually-impaired and 50% disabled youth Ravi Kant, who resides in Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh, said he had to sit for the CTET exam at an examination center in Panthaghati in Shimla.

He was accompanied by a scribe in accordance with the guidelines of the CBSE, the nodal agency for the conduct of a CTET exam. But he was refused entry to the examination center on the grounds that the scribe had the same qualifications as the candidate.

He said that, according to the public notice on the CBSE website, the rules notified by the central government on February 26, 2013 would apply for hiring scribes for visually impaired applicants.

The 2013 rules are very clear in this regard and according to these rules, no educational qualification criteria should be set. This means that a person with similar or higher qualifications can become a scribe for eligible visually impaired or disabled applicants, he added.

Ajai Srivastava, an expert member of HP’s State Disability Advisory Board and chairman of the Umang Foundation, said he tried to contact exam center staff but no one took the call.

“Then I asked Ravi Kant to put me in contact with supervisors via his mobile. But they refused to respond to his request. It is a violation of the rights of the visually impaired.

Now he would file a PIL with the High Court to seek justice for visually impaired applicants, ”he added.


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