Want to immigrate to Australia? Here is a complete guide on how to get a permanent resident visa


A large number of Indians are now seeking to immigrate Australia because of its hassle-free processes, accessible rules, and advanced immigration policies. At the end of June 2019, 6,60, 350 people born in India lived in Australia, making it the third largest immigrants community in Australia after the UK and China, according to homeaffairs.gov.au.

If too much information has you confused, here is a simple guide on how to get an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa, which allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely.

PR visa holders also enjoy a five-year travel facility that allows them to depart and return to Australia freely. Additionally, a permanent resident is granted privileges and rights as a citizen, including access to subsidized or free health and legal services.


If you are applying for an Australian PR visa, you should keep these key requirements in mind.


It is necessary to keep the required documents handy to avoid any hassle. Outside education, work and routine to travel documents, you need the following two main documents.

  1. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Result – To verify the candidate’s proficiency in English.
  2. Result of skills assessment by an assessment authority – To verify a candidate’s skills in a particular area.

Keep your documents handy! (Source: Pixabay)

Appropriate visa

It is crucial to note that there are various public relations visa in Australia. Thus, the applicant must carefully choose the one that suits his needs. At present, the Australian government offers over 30 visa categories for Indians. Here are a few.

* Skill Flow Visas

It is designed for workers who have the skills, qualifications and entrepreneurship most needed in australia economy. Here are its seven components.

  1. Business innovation and investment
  2. Distinguished talent
  3. Sponsored by employer
  4. Global Talent (Independent)
  5. Regional
  6. Qualified independent
  7. State/Territory

*Family and child visas

The Family Stream allows for the permanent migration of immediate family members – eligible Australian citizens, permanent residents and New Zealand citizens. It not only offers eligibility to partners and parents, but also to other family members such as dependent elderly parents, caregivers, surviving parents and orphan parents.

Under the Child Stream, visas are allowed for children, Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand nationals. The child visa has two categories: child and adoption visas.

* Special Eligibility Visas

This allows for the permanent migration of former residents and some people who served in the Australian Defense Force to live in Australia as permanent residents.

List of Skilled Professions

Once you have selected a particular PR visa based on your needs, you must choose a profession from the SOL (Skilled Occupation List).

Points based system

Once you have selected the profession, apply directly to the Australian points-based system. For the same, you must submit an expression of interest in the Australian Skills Screening System online. This is an online system that stores and maintains a candidate’s profile details such as name, age, gender, work experience, language skills, qualifications, etc.

Based on these factors, the system generates points, which must be a minimum of 60 points. The higher the points, the better the chances of getting an invitation to apply for the PR visa.

Australia Select the most suitable PR visa according to your needs. (Source: Pexels)

Character and health requirements

To acquire a PR visa, an applicant’s character must be morally good, and he or she must be mentally fit work and live in Australia.

How to get a PR visa from India?

The applicant can apply for a PR visa by following the following steps.

* Keep documents handy
*Submit Expression of Interest
*Get an assessment for the profile
*An evaluation grid, which requires a minimum score of 60 points
*Submit Application
*Once nominated, an ITR invitation is received
* Apply and move to Australia

IELTS requirement

The Australian government considers the IELTS score to be very important during immigration formalities. This can have a huge impact on your total score and therefore you need to maintain a good IELTS score.

However, if you do not want to take this exam, you can opt for other English tests like TOEFL, PTE, etc. If you do not wish to take an English proficiency test, a state nomination is required for your visa approval. .

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