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New Delhi, March 12 (IANS) A PIL has been filed with the Delhi High Court asking the Center and the National Medical Commission to take action to allow medical students returning to Ukraine to resume their studies in India.

According to petitioner Pravasi Legal Cell, they filed the PIL on behalf of 20,000 Indian students repatriated to Ukraine for enabling them to join medical schools in the country. The High Court agreed to hear the plea on March 21, the petitioner said.

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed through MP Adv Srivignesh has highlighted the plight of Indian medical students rescued from war-torn Ukraine, which has the potential to disrupt the careers of many thousands of young people men and women who have already experienced the trauma of being in the war zone.

It is claimed that thousands of Indian medical aspirants prefer Ukraine for medical education due to various factors including affordability, quality of education and overseas licensure.

In Ukraine, Indian medical students are also not required to take a medical entrance exam if they pass NEET. All of the above factors make Ukraine a comfortable option for Indians.

Indian students studying in Ukraine also have the advantage of being able to practice medicine in India. A medical degree obtained in Ukraine is accepted by the National Medical Commission upon passing its Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) examination.

According to the new FMGE rules, an aspiring MBBS can take up to 10 years to complete the program apart from the minimum course duration of 4.5 years, applicants must complete an internship of two years – 12 months in the foreign medical institute where they are studying and another year of supervised internship in India, he said.

In accordance with the provisions of the National Medical Commission (Foreign Medical Graduate License) Regulations 2021, the entire course, training and internship or externship must be undertaken outside India at the same institution foreign medical doctor throughout the studies.

The provisions also state that no part of the medical training and internship shall be carried out in India or any country other than that from where the primary medical qualification is obtained.

Furthermore, it has been argued that there are currently no standards or regulations in India to accommodate medical students who study abroad and have to return to India halfway, to Indian medical colleges between a university session.

Pointing to a circular dated March 4, authorizing the payment of a stipend to those who qualify for the postgraduate examination in medicine abroad in India, the PIL said, however, that the above circular is of little use to students who have been rescued from Ukraine as many of them are in their second, third or fourth year of study and have yet to graduate. To be eligible for the stipend, one must complete the degree, sit for the exam, qualify and then obtain the internship.


Updated: 12-Mar-2022


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