What is teen mom Farrah Abraham talking about in law school frenzy?


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Farrah Abraham first jumped into public consciousness in a 2009 episode of the MTV 16 and Pregnant show and was controversial / compelling enough to be cast in the spin-off, Teen Mom. But her attempt to stay famous didn’t end there, and she’s written a book, directed an adult video, and appeared on the British show Celebrity Big Brother.

But, if recent social media posts are to be believed, she wants to quit the D list and join the state bar association. That’s right, the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale diploma insists she is studying for the bar exam on social media.

While she has some notes from the BarBri bar exam prep company in the video, that’s not enough for a law student. And, to be honest, Abraham has… faked some degrees in the past. Like when she claimed she had been accepted at Harvard for her master’s degree when she was actually taking online classes at the university’s extension school. She also claimed that Yale Law School was recruit her when you and I both know the prestigious school has exactly no motivation to do it, especially during one of the most intense law school admission seasons in recent memory.

But don’t point it out to Abraham. Like reported by The Hollywood Gossip, Abraham lashed out at a commentator who questioned his good faith:

“I like to know everything is outdated,” she began. “Finally, you haven’t won, you haven’t fought, or you can’t even understand the legal battle that I won, and you work in an entertainment office or in one of the bigger companies. in special cases. I knew it wasn’t allowed. “

“I say I passed the LSAT. I say that I am a doctoral student in law. And I approach bar exams in several states.

Passed the LSAT? PhD student in law? Approaching bar exams in multiple states? This is not how ALL of it works. As anyone who has passed the LSAT or enrolled in a law school knows.

But then she pulled out this little gem:

She went on to say, “I wasted your time because I remembered a Harvard instructor who graduated in law and asked for help.”

Does she mean a law professor? She actually expects someone to believe that a law professor – in ANY law school – has asked her for help? Was the question about Botox? Because it is beyond credulity to suggest that a Harvard law professor asked him for legal advice.

She continued:

“Be careful because FARRAH ABRAHAM is here baby and I come to kill in court, the contracts and the rights I was born with,” she continued. “Keep looking at me and I hope you can do bikini law doll too!”

“But nothing knew about me, just you know I’m getting a law degree, it hurts, but it gets worse with a bar / law certificate and no law school and no wins!”

“I pray that you will never face me in court, you will need prayers.” Use the law for the right reasons, not the reasons for your hateful comments.

She concluded her post by telling this person to “kiss my [peach emoji]. “

Certificate in law? What is she talking about ? Is she not going to study law and follow the path of apprentice Kim Kardashian to become a lawyer? As Kim’s journey shows, this process takes several years and requires a banned lawyer to study. All Abraham seems to have are BarBri’s books.

This deep dive into Abraham’s academics left me with a headache and exactly no confidence that she will be able to pass the California bar exam – one of the most notoriously difficult bar exams in the country. – anytime soon.

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